It’s one of the hardest choices we have. Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, in fact, it is not only the privilege, but the right of any parent to choose whether they vaccinate their children or not.

I urge you, however, to make this decision on an informed choice basis, and then just as importantly to stand by your decision!

The Australian Council for Immunisation gives us both Pro’s and Con’s for this topic, and a recommended reading list. A great website to go to if you’re still unsure of what path to take.

If you do decide to vaccinate, there are Homeopathic remedies that can be administered the night after the vaccination, which are known to reduce the chance of any immediate or long term side effects.

Another option you may choose is to employ a Homeopathic Prophylaxis as an alternative to the conventional vaccination, or use a combination of both these methods – vaccinating conventionally for only some diseases and not others, and using some Homeopathic prophylaxis medicines for some diseases and not others.

To fully understand how Homeopathic Prophylaxis works, it is important to comprehend the principles and practice of Homeopathy itself. You will need to consult a fully qualified Homeopath before proceeding with a Prophylaxis for your child in order to fully comprehend the concept of it and that of Homeopathy.

Today’s Tip: Do not base your decision to vaccinate on Fear. Base it on facts! Remember Vaccination is your informed choice.

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