Josephine’s service to patients is strictly confidential and for approx 1 1/2 hrs. Your homoeopathic sessions are a period of time dedicated to your wellbeing, therefore If you do have children, making other arrangements for them always allows you to relax and focus on your own needs.


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My Private Homoeopathic Practise is available in person for F2F consultations as well as online via FaceTime or Zoom platforms.
Please note that for this service, you must have a private space available for approx 1 hour. In addition, your homeopathic sessions are a period of time dedicated to your wellbeing, therefore if you do have children, making other arrangements for them allows you to relax and focus on your own needs.

All consultations are strictly by prior appointment only. Please book here or you can contact me directly via email.

CANCELLATIONS: Appointments cancelled with less than 24hrs notice will incur a charge of 100% of the appointment fee.


Classical Homoeopathy is very different in approach from orthodox medicine. Normally a person goes to a doctor for a specific disease or a problem and is given a medicine to take that problem away, but the symptoms are there for a reason and if the reason still exists then the problem will return either in the same form or in a different disease or problem. The reason for this is that the core of the problem wasn’t dealt with. This is called suppression. Homoeopathy has a clear understanding of the difference between suppression and real healing. With healing, the root of the problem is dealt with first, and as a result the symptoms are no longer needed and fade away.

During a consultation the homoeopath looks at everything that is going on in the patients life, not just a few isolated symptoms. The same patient that comes in complaining of headaches may also have depression, insecurities, low energy and a long list of other problems. A single homoeopathic remedy, matching the whole picture is prescribed. This is known as Constitutional Prescribing.

People who have had homoeopathic treatment generally find that their overall state of health and wellbeing has improved. Holistic medicine, with its philosophies of health maintenance and disease treatment, is really the ordinary, common sense medicine which has been practised for centuries. It combines the knowledge of natural sciences and that old fashioned duo of experience and common sense. Natural law is based on the principles of nature which are permanent and irrefutable, and have remained unchanged since their discovery. It is only by making choices about all of these factors that we can enjoy health in its fullest extent.


Homoeopathic Medicines are a gentle way of stimulating the body’s own natural response to healing. They are sourced from natures kingdoms: Animals, Plants, Minerals, and Diseased Tissue (termed Nosodes), and are prepared by a process of step by step repeated dilution and succussion (vigorous hitting against a hard elastic body). The crude substance is diluted of its toxic effects, and then succussed. The succussion is what raises its energy, and thus makes them capable of stimulating the body’s own defence system and allowing it to heal itself.

Homoeopathy is also useful for everyday complaints, however, in many of the First Aid books available today the art of homoeopathic prescribing is oversimplified which gives a false impression that prescribing a homoeopathic remedy is simply a matter of looking up the complaint. This will result in the remedy working for only a percentage of those people who take it. The tools used for prescribing are a Materia Medica which is a full account of all the homoeopathic remedies and a Repertory which is a cross-referenced index of the information presented in the Materia Medica. In order to effectively and safely use Homoeopathy, an understanding of the laws and principles is essential.

Homoeopathic medicines are not intrinsically dangerous, it is the body’s vital force (energy flow) which is influenced rather than its chemical balance (as in orthodox medicine), they are non-habit forming and without side effects. Homoeopathy can often help patients with diseases generally considered without cure by conventional medicine, and is also effective in the treatment of stress, grief, and depression.

Homoeopathic medicines will keep their strength for years without deteriorating. Medicines should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place with their tops screwed on tightly, well away from strong smelling substances, because strong odours do cause the medicines to lose their potency. They should also be stored away from strong light, sun, heat, electrical appliances, strong odours and perfumes (especially camphor, moth balls, menthol and essential oils), and avoid X-rays.


” Josephine is passionate and dedicated to all that she does. She has an unmatched understanding of homeopathy and a true expert in Skin, nutrition and Obstetrics. She has the ability to write at many levels allowing her to create compelling articles & books that really connect with the reader. Josephine always provide you with a piece of useful advice !” – Mahadev Jayaprakash; Engineer | Entrepreneur

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