Autism is often referred to as a genetic disease, but a genetic disease cannot increase within one generation as rapidly as autism has.

Based on my understanding of the development of autism, it is of great importance to avoid medication during pregnancy and in the first two years of life. Unborn babies are not capable of handling toxins effectively and therefore, where it can be avoided, children should not be vaccinated before two years of age. Also, it is advisable for parents to first observe the behaviour and wellbeing of their baby and resolve any health problems, if need be, before beginning inoculations. It is advisable for parents not to vaccinate their baby if he or she is ill or recovering from an illness, even a slight fever is a contraindication.

The brain of an unborn baby and of a baby under two years is extremely sensitive to all kinds of influences and can easily be harmed by chemical substances. Fat-soluble molecules, including those of oxygen and carbon dioxide, anaesthetics and alcohol can pass straight through the lipids in the capillary walls and so gain access to all parts of the brain. Especially in the first three months of foetus development, the blood-brain barrier is not fully formed.

Isotherapy is the use of pathogenic products in homoeopathic potencies. When a certain substance is suspected to have contributed to the development of autism, this substance can be given in homoeopathic potencies.

The reactions to these treatments are quite often very significant. The child may once again experience the same symptoms it had when first given the vaccination or other drug. Physical detoxification as a reaction to isopathic treatment is also very common: runny nose, ears and/or eyes; diarrhoea, sweating, skin eruptions and fever. Vitamins such as vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and fish oil are especially useful in preventing overly strong detox reactions and to support the physical condition of the child. These supplements serve as a support for the healing process which is actually being carried out by the isopathic treatment. If there is no reaction to the detoxification of a certain substance, we can conclude that this substance had nothing to do with the child’s autism.

So far, the main obstacle to curing autism seems to be the lack of information about the causative factors. When important events in the life story of these children and their parents are overlooked or unknown, an essential key to the healing can be missed. When we know the causative factors in a child’s life, we can almost always undo them with homoeopathy.

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