A 10 year old boy is brought to me by his mother with chronic nose bleeds. I ask some pertinent questions…Does he pick his nose? Is he being bullied at school? I also want to check his Bioflavanoid intake to see if there is Vitamin C deficiency.

On examination, I identify the bleeding source from the antero-inferior part of the nasal septum. The likely cause of these nose bleeds are that the child is picking his nose. A dry climate or heated indoor air irritates and dries out nasal membranes, causing crusts that may itch and then bleed when scratched or picked.

Some other possible causes of epistaxis in children are: being bullied or beaten up, and Vasodilation. Vitamin C deficiency causes fragile capillaries and cell membrane fragility, causing vasodilation of capillaries, and therefore nosebleeds.

If the nosebleeds do not stop with this treatment, you need to put your head DOWN (not up, as in some urban myths dictate), and pinch the bridge of your nose….and if it still continues to persist, you can pack it up with cotton wool, or even a tampon would be handy!

A Homeopathic remedy for nosebleeds is: Phosphorus

Phosphorus is chemically prepared from bone-acid (phosphoric acid) by distillation with charcoal. It is remarkable for its easy spontaneous combustion.

How entirely medicinal substances, by potentising through trituration and succussion (which were first used by Homeopathy), are removed out of their chemical sphere, may be seen, among other things. A powder of sugar of milk containing one or two pellets moistened with this medicine, potentised, though it may have been kept a year, will yet retain its medicinal virtue undiminished, and shows the dynamic effect of phosphorus, and has not therefore, been turned into phosphoric acid, which has quite a different effect on the human health.

Always consult your qualified and experienced homeopathic practitioner before administering any homeopathic medicine.

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