A tincture of the fresh herb Ledum Palustre is used to make Ledum.

Remembering homeopathy works on the law of similars – i.e. like cures like, Ledum’s general actions are gouty pains in the joints of feet and hands, shifting from place to place and also involving fibrous tissues in various parts. The smaller joints become swollen and the pains simulate true gout. Veins enlarge and venous engorgement results, with hemorrhages from lungs, in eyes etc. Papular eruptions on face and other parts occur. It has been found useful for stings of insects and penetrating wounds.

Clinically, there is a general tendency to rheumatic inflammations, especially of the joints, with soreness of the muscles, without fever. Like Arnica, it has a marked tendency to ecchymoses and hemorrhages, especially of bright red, frothy blood. It has been used as a local application for penetrating wounds and for the stings of insects. As a rule, the pains of Ledum are sticking, tearing and shifting and various parts of the body may seem bruised. Slight injuries cause ecchymoses.

Tetanus lives in soil, and therefore patients with dog or cat bites need a tetanus shot because the animals have dirt in their mouths. The microorganism is causing the tetanus disease is the bacteria Clostridium Tetani. The bacteria itself is harmless on its own, but releases toxin in the body and affects the nervous system.

Ledum is brilliant homeopathic remedy for Tetanus, but as always, please get homeopathic advise first.

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