How do we use the colour preference in Homeopathy? We treat it like any other general symptom or modality and integrate it in the regular Homeopathic process: A general modality covers and influences the whole case and so does the colour preference. So we use it like any other good general or mental symptom, with due care and in accordance with a full picture of the case and remedy. If the patient is concentrating properly when choosing the colour and is sure of the chosen colour, we can use it as an important symptom, because it reflects the dispositional background of the patient – his basic feeling.

Does the colour preference change? Yes, it can change. This is often seen in children. Their choice of colour is usually easy and natural. After years of constancy they may change suddenly because they enter another stage of development. We use this as an indication for another group of remedies.

In some adults, the colour preference changes frequently, in others it stays the same for a long time or even for life. Maybe they have found their permanent style, or their development might have got stuck due to settled habits and a loss of youthful vigour.

Many people also have a definite aversion to a certain colour. Enough cases have now been seen to prove that it’s possible to use the same rubrics as for the colour preference.

Colour preference is not a shortcut to bypass Homeopathic Materia Medica. Colours in Homeopathy is a colour repertory. In thousands of cured cases it has served worldwide as a valuable aid in refined homeopathic diagnosis.

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