A healthy life produces a healthy skin and an unhealthy life produces an unhealthy skin, and no tricks of manufacturers and shop keepers will help to improve matters. There are of course medicines which are helpful in improving the condition of the skin and complexion. They do not act directly on the skin, but by improving the bodily disorder which has caused the deterioration of the skin.

When all the skin washes, skin ointments, and skin treatments have utterly failed, the homeopath will try a few doses of Sulphur or Arsenicum, or whatever may be needed by the suffering body will improve the general health, and with the general health, the skin.

The idea that the skin can be improved by outward applications is of course held by specialists in skin diseases and dermatologists. As the diseases and disorders of the skin are hardly ever restricted to the skin itself, but come from within the body, these disorders and diseases must be treated from within. Outward treatments can only do mischief by depriving the body of a much needed outlet and driving the trouble inside.

If the skin disease is “cured” by the outward treatment, the individual is of course not cured, but the evidence of his/her internal disorder is merely suppressed, and the body promptly finds an outlet for the disease matter in an internal organ (to the great distress of the sufferer). A suppressed skin disease frequently leads to asthma, and the asthma can be treated only be re-establishing the skin disease, at least temporarily. Then the skin disease should be treated from within by a suitable diet and homeopathic medication, and it will disappear permanently.

Right food, which produces free and regular excretion, adequate liquid (water is best), and exposure to air and moderate sun will produce a skin and complexion which are the envy of all skin specialists!

Our wonderful body produces for our protection a natural oil from millions of glands all over the body. Massage of face and body is another natural means for improving skin and complexion by attracting to the surface the blood which nourishes and colours skin and complexion and keeps it in perfect health.

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