A Client came in with her 4 year old son who presented with a tick on his thyroid gland that was red, swollen and sligthly warm to touch. Naturally the mother was concerned about the swollen gland obstructing his breathing pathway and so enlisted the help of her homeopath.

There were no apparent systemic findings; he had not thrown up a fever, there was no diarrheoa, no tummy upset or any signs of viral or bacterial infection…This was a straight case of APIS.

Apis is homoeopathic potentized venom of the honey bee. It is the Homeopathic remedy that is prescribed for people who are suffering from ailments that are accompanied by symptoms that are similar to the consequences of a bee sting. For instance, such patients will have symptoms like swelling and redness of the skin. In fact, such patients also often behave like the bees – being restive or showing irritability.

Apis is prepared by crushing and extremely diluting the whole body, or the stings of the honey bees, in a base prepared by mixing water and alcohol.

With a potency of 30c, Apis can be used in such acute cases with good clinical effects.

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