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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
– World Health Organisation, 1948

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Consultations are available F2F or online via FaceTime or Zoom platforms for absentee or overseas clients.
Please note that for this service, you must have a private space available for approx 1 hour.

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I discovered the world of holistic health at a time when I felt my own world was falling apart.
My first pregnancy had just ended in my baby boy being stillborn. My heartache and devastation impacted my body in more ways than one. It was my skin and its condition that really showed the world something was wrong.

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Homoeopathic Medicines are a gentle way of stimulating the bodyโ€™s own natural response to healing. They are sourced from natures kingdoms: Animals, Plants, Minerals, and Diseased Tissue (termed Nosodes), and are prepared by a process of step by step repeated dilution and succussion (vigorous hitting against a hard elastic body). The crude substance is diluted of its toxic effects, and then succussed. The succussion is what raises its energy, and thus makes them capable of stimulating the bodyโ€™s own defence system and allowing it to heal itself.

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