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Josephine’s service to patients is strictly confidential and for approx 1 1/2 hrs. Your homoeopathic sessions are a period of time dedicated to your wellbeing, therefore If you do have children, making other arrangements for them always allows you to relax and focus on your own needs.

A bit about Josephine’s Homoeopathic Service

The word Homoeopathy is a composite of two Greek words meaning Similar (Homoios) and Suffering (Pathos). Unlike orthodox medicine which is based on the principle of allopathy; allos meaning opposite, and pathos meaning suffering e.g. anti-depressant, anti-emetic, anti-biotic, anti-fungal; Homoeopathy is a method of treating sick people with homoeopathic medicines and applying the principle of “let like be cured by like” (Similia Similibus Curentur).  Healing takes place from above down, from within out, from an important organ to a less important organ. Symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance, the first to appear being the last to disappear. The human being is an integrated system maintained by an energy flow. Disease is a form of disorder (dis-ease) or blockage in this energy flow which affects all facets of the person. Homoeopathic remedies work by gently stimulating this healing energy, thus enhancing the human body’s innate drive towards balance.

10 Minute Tuesday